Cyber Security
  • Only the paranoid is relatively safer in the cyber world.

    Your company is either hacked and you know it or you are still unaware. To some ignorance is bliss, to some bliss comes from paranoia. Which side of the fence do you see yourself?

    As a technology leader, we believe you are not so unaware and you would certainly agree – it is no more business as usual when it comes to securing the enterprise.

    The digital threats and security risks facing organizations today are far more challenging than ever before. Cyber warfare has become a reality today – it is a digital bloodless coup that is going around.

    Unscrupulous elements, masquerading their identities target digital infrastructures through obviously unethical means causing:

    • disruption to business operations,
    • bringing disrepute to brands,
    • loss of confidential information and intellectual property,
    • ransacking of national strategic digital assets,
    • loss of millions of dollars in business.

    These pirates of the digital world are adept at clearing their digital footprints making it very difficult to trace them down. Being surreptitious is the biggest strength of the most wily of hackers.

    So, what can companies like yours do to safeguard itself from such malicious attacks? Well, a whole lot!

    You definitely can follow the routine network fire-walling strategies and corporate malware and virus protection procedures diligently. However, that might not be enough.

    As your trusted partner, Mavenz studies your digital infrastructure and identifies potential holes through ethical hacking methods. After conducting a thorough examination, we advise you to put in place the right solutions and strategies to improve your security from external threats.

    If your organization's security is paramount to you, contact us today.