Case Study
  • JUL 12

    Mavenz integrates disparate and complex accounting systems reducing manual data entry by more than 50%

    Learn how Mavenz helped a large Indian Fertilizer company integrate its accounting systems.

    The Challenge

    The client, which is a large Sensex listed fertilizer producer in India, had the IT and Accounts departments working in silos not willing to co-operate with each other and constantly pointing fingers at each other. The IT head wanted us to upgrade and integrate 3 disparate accounting solutions running on Oracle Apps. The IT head fore-warned us of non-cooperation from the Accounts department. Managing the resistance to change was a bigger challenge than implementing the IT infrastructure.

    The Solution

    We worked closely with the departments concerned through various customer requirements gathering sessions and built friendly relations with the people concerned to the extent possible. We explained to the stakeholders who feared that their jobs would be lost in case the project succeeded by helping them understand the benefits of the project and how it would help them accomplish their work more efficiently and effectively. We got better engagement from the stakeholders and the project was completed on time and within budget.

    The Result

    There were more people ready to embrace the change and willing to contribute to the project's success. Paperwork was reduced and there was complete elimination of redundant data entry. Manual data entry was thus reduced by more than 50% and workflow automations were in place for works that otherwise was done on paper.